Ragam '08

College, they say, is a time when you try out everything you have ever wanted, everything you have have ever dreamt of, and everything you have have never dreamt of!!
So has my experience been at NITC. In less than a year, I've tried out so many different things I never guessed I ever would.
The latest on the list would be the fashion show at Ragam, our college cultural festival and supposedly, the second largest cultural festival in this region.
And tell you what? It was a great experience; learnt so much about the college apart from learning to walk on the ramp! I guess I kinda got to know my college better.
In fact, the whole of Ragam felt pretty good. The college felt like college for the first time. There were people and stuff going on all around, and the rajpath (some other time I'll explain what that is!).. well, its never been more beautiful before; so colorful and so lively. Just being there, standing on the damned rajpath, and believing in that moment, felt good!!